Occupying the entire 6th floor of The Apex, the new regional head office for BroadReach is located in the centre of Century City’s conference and business hub, with easy access to the surrounding conference and retail facilities.

BroadReach tasked thinkspace with the creation of an open plan environment to promote collaboration and integration between the staff. This transition encompassed a variety of agile work and meeting space solutions, while still making private offices and meeting areas available on a booking system basis.

The open-plan workspace radiates out from the core of the office environment, a layout that results in an abundance of natural light and scenic 360-degree views of the surrounding Cape Town area.

Rather than using dividing walls, zones are defined with planters and greenery. Incorporating a uniform desk cluster design makes it possible to adapt the layouts with ease, while still giving each employee the necessary space and privacy.

The new BroadReach regional office is a modern and agile work environment focusing on technology and collaboration, where team integration and innovation provide a glimpse into their dynamic company culture.

ClientBroadreachLocationCentury City, Cape TownCategoryHead OfficeArea994 m2Circa2020

Privacy Preference Center